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Author:  thrash [ Sat Aug 04, 2018 12:08 am ]
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Habitability in the Omega Centauri Cluster

"... Our results show that the distribution of Habitable Zone outer boundaries generally lie within 0.5 AU of the host stars, but that this small cross-sectional area is counter-balanced by a relatively high rate of stellar close encounters that would disrupt planetary orbits within the Habitable Zone of typical Omega Centauri stars."

55 Cancri (Copernicus): A Multi-Planet System with a Hot Super-Earth and a Jupiter Analogue

"The star 55 Cancri was one of the first known exoplanet hosts and each of the planets in this system is remarkable. Planets b and c are in a near 1:3 resonance. Planet d has a 14.5 year orbit, and is one of the longest known orbital periods for a gas giant planet. Planet e has a mass of 8 M? and transits this bright star, providing a unique case for modeling of the interior structure and atmospheric composition of an exoplanet. Planet f resides in the habitable zone of the star. If the planets are approximately co-planar, then by virtue of having one transiting planet, this is a system where the Doppler technique has essentially measured the true mass of the planets, rather than just Msin i. The unfolding history of planet discovery for this system provides a good example of the challenges and importance of understanding the star to understand the planets."

[Another chapter in the Handbook of Exoplanets]

Author:  thrash [ Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:35 pm ]
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The Origin of RNA Precursors on Exoplanets

"...We find that the SO2−3 'light chemistry' is rapid enough to build up the prebiotic inventory for stars hotter than K5 (4400 K). We show how the abiogenesis zone overlaps with the liquid water habitable zone. Stars cooler than K5 may also drive the formation of these building blocks if they are very active...."

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