World seed: New Fujian
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Author:  Agemegos [ Sat Jan 23, 2016 9:47 pm ]
Post subject:  World seed: New Fujian

New Fujian is a populous and highly-developed planet with 12.6 billion inhabitants on a planet 20% smaller than Earth and 90% covered with oceans. Its high technology and ample capital make it the industrial hub of Pegasus Sector, but the available degree of automation means that pure human labour is not very valuable there: an unskilled worker can't support himself, let alone raise children. New Fujian's institutions are therefore adapted (a) to endowing every worker with a grubstake of vocational or occupational skills and (b) to subsidising the cost of living by wide distribution of the income of capital. So much is not unusual, but the way that the New Fujianese go about it is idiosyncratic.

On New Fujian people use biomodification and artificial hormones to break their lives up into six developmental stages that are artificially produced, separated by brief periods of comparatively rapid physical and mental change, and exaggerated by dress, grooming, and etiquette. The stages are: háizi, living with his or her parents and attending day school — age: birth to 11 standard years; instar boarding in a monastery school — age: 12 to somewhere between 14 and 19; imago living with a married couple as apprentice spouse and in vocational training, study, or on-the-job training — age: from 14–19 to 25–35; junior, married to a senior (but not without an imago apprentice), working and raising children: age — from 25–35 to 40–55; senior married to a junior and with an imago apprentice-spouse of the same sex, working, raising children, and mentoring his or her apprentice: age — from 40–55 to 60–80; finally a héshàng, living 'retired' in a monastery, perhaps working as an administrator, arbitrator, judge, or teacher: age — 60–80 to death. Most land and capital belong to the monasteries. Monastic incomes support the instars and héshàngs, provide education, training, and medical care, fund research and development, and provide a social safety net, thus allowing junior-and-senior couple to support themselves and raise their háizi.

New Fujianese life-stage drugs supplant the use of standard anagathics, which are incompatible. The rigours of repeated "metamorphoses" result in héshàngs dying comparatively young (120 to 140 standard years) either of multiple organ failure or of voluntary euthanasia. The high standards and absent costs of medical care on New Fujian blunt the dangers of extreme sports, including full-contact combat sports and live-blade fights. Extremely informal bouts, amounting in effect to duels, are condoned so long as no-one is killed. Scheduled competitions are a popular spectator sport, and gambling on them is very common. Imagos' and older instars' bouts are sometimes significantly eroticised.

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