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PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2017 8:21 pm 
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From Mongoose

This announcement came out in October, so if you guys already know about this, my apologies. It was new to me.

MJD has been authorized to redo the old CT adventures Leviathan and Expedition to Zhodane. Considering the background of these two, I'd say that it's a good idea, especially considering who's doing the writing. ;)

In the original adventure, the group just takes a Leviathan merchant vessel and explores the Egyrn and Pax Rulin subsectors. Kinda boring as these are really sparse subsectors with nothing going on. The only good things to come out of it were the deckplans for the ship and the limited library data for the subsectors. For me, I found the subsectors so boring I made my own, though I've never published them on my website.

In the new version, titled The Last Flight of the Amuar, the players investigate the fate of the Amuar and figure out what went wrong. Certainly sounds more interesting than random wandering.

The original Expedition to Zhodane was worse. There was no trip to Zhodane! The closest the players got was the Jewell subsector. Lame! And the person they were helping was delusional. I hated it so much that I sold it. I didn't think anything was useful.

In the new version, MJD is turning it into a mini-campaign, and the players will actually travel into Zhodani space. Apparently, it's going to lead up to the Fifth Frontier War.

I thought that Mongoose's re-working of (open) Secret of the Ancients was well done. Given who's involved with these two re-writes, I'm optimistic that these two adventures will be far better than their originals.


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Expedition to Zhodane?

I remember that one... :( So much potential in the topic, completely ignored.

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