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Author:  Golan2072 [ Sat Dec 30, 2017 1:34 pm ]
Post subject:  [Stellagama Publishing] Lurian Trailing Cluster 3 - Adventures

Stellagama Publishing proudly presents: Lurian Trailing Cluster 3 - Adventures

A setting and adventure book for Stars Without Number: Revised Edition

The Lurian Trailing Cluster (LTC) is a group of fourteen adjacent systems in Karta Sector that form a natural trading zone. During the Terran colonization era, misfits, rebels, exiles, and immigrants settled these worlds looking for a fresh start. Six hundred years ago, a psychic cataclysm caused the Deluge, a time of chaos, death, and the near-total collapse of human civilization.

Most of the worlds of the LTC survived the Deluge because they were already self-reliant, but some weathered the calamity better than others. Now that the Deluge has finally receded, these traumatized societies are ready to reclaim the stars.

This book details the worlds not yet fully discussed in the previous two Lurian Trailing Cluster guides, and provides 23 adventures and numerous other adventuring hooks for all fourteen worlds in the LTC.

Get it HERE.

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