Where's my jetpack?
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Author:  Agemegos [ Thu Jan 28, 2016 3:24 am ]
Post subject:  Where's my jetpack?

There is movement on the "Where's my jetpack" front.

Jetpack Aviation has built a classic backpack-style jetpack that uses high-bypass gas turbines to produce an exhaust stream cool enough that it doesn't burn the pilot's legs. Thirty-odd litres of kerosene give it an endurance of ten minutes. The firm demonstrated it in flight in New York in November: YouTube video.

And then there is the Martin Jetpack, which uses ducted fans rather than actual jets, and is more of a small vehicle that a pilot rides than a classic jetpack that someone wears. It's rather like the "personal flyer" in ForeSight, a vehicle that corresponded to the four-dufan aircar the way that a motorcycle corresponds to an automobile. Martin got an airworthiness certificate for their "jetpack" in October, and are supposed to hit the market this year. Promotional video on YouTube

Finally, there is the Jetwing, which is not what we meant at all. Flying around Mount Fuji.

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