alternative ftl drive
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Author:  Ishmael [ Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:12 am ]
Post subject:  alternative ftl drive

Wanting to get away from Traveller and move more to a homebrew WarpWar/Maschinen Krieger type setting built on the bones of the old OTU ( to reuse maps and some rulestuff ), I felt I needed to come up with a ftl drive that fit my ideas better than jump drive. This is a form of wormhole drive where gravity wells can effect things strongly.

the gravity well of the system's stars make a huge difference and each type of star is given a number related to how strongly it effects the drive. opening a wormhole inside the old 10d limit is best as it allows gravity well to effect the drive more strongly. Other areas in a system are the middle zone, which is between the 10d limit and 100d limit for the star, and the outer zone which is outside the 100d limit.

The length of the wormhole is the distance between systems on the map in the real universe divided by the average of the numbers for the origin star's type and zone wormhole was created in and the star type and zone the ship exits in. For example, two systems 3 parsecs apart... from the middle zone of an f3v to the inner zone of a m7v is 3/(( 3+1)/2) = 1.5, therefore, you'll need at least a 1.5 rated drive to make such a trip and the crew will experience 1.5 weeks in transit although only 1 week of time passes in the real universe. As you can see, larger system 'ratings' are better and empty hex jumps can result in infinite wormhole lengths.

I also think ships must avoid being in a planet's 100d shadow as I will keep a form of mishap related to planetary gravity wells; they distort the star's well enough to cause errors if not careful.
I'll be using gravity instead of 100d and 10d limits, of course.


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