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 Post subject: Re: Hard Space
PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 5:42 pm 

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Golan2072 wrote:
Sir Chaos wrote:
Sounds good.

I can see one problem, though: Assuming your second alien species was starfaring, how come they have not picked the region clean of all reasonably accessible Artifacts?

The Visitation might be relatively recent, as it was in Roadside Picnic (the main inspiration here) - after the "comprehensible aliens" were gone. This is what I am thinking of...

Or the Visitation happened while the comprehensible aliens were around, they were "struck by the divine fury of the gods" (i.e. had their figurative anthill accidentally run over by the visitors´ car) and avoided the Zones and Artifacts like the plague from then on.

Or the comprehensible aliens had their own visitation before their rise to interstellar expansion and gathered their own set of Artifacts - nobody says the visitors can´t vacation in the same spot twice!

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 Post subject: Re: Hard Space
PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 8:14 am 

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Golan2072 wrote:
What do you think?

Aliens are aliens ... maybe nobody on Earth is really sure. Perhaps that's part of the whole incomprehensible point about them; we don't actually know.

Competing theories exist and these aren't crackpot theories (of course there are crackpot theories too), but there's disagreement in scientific circles. Evidence shows that there may have been as few as one (separated in time - eg; an alien race expanded, then withdrew, became extremely advanced and returned again to their old haunts, perhaps as tourists then left again) or as many as six species, though most mainstream theories say it was probably anywhere from one to three. There's also disagreement on how far apart (in time) the two periods of activity were - some evidence shows a gap of nearly a million years, others suggest a much smaller period of time.

 Post subject: Re: Hard Space
PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 11:31 am 
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In essence, there would be ruins, and there will be "Zones". Ruins are "logical" (in an alien way, that is - have rooms, corridors etc, though not always with a clear purpose). Zones are not.

The ruins should probably have some bones/shells/fossils/etc in them. Possibly of their former inhabitants, possibly not. Also possibly writings/hieroglyphs, though not necessarily with a clear meaning.

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