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PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 3:11 pm 
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When creating classic Traveller subsectors, it's easy enough to assign only G or K (or maybe F7-9) to worlds with a 4-9 atm and assume that red dwarfs are only available for the less impressive worlds. I believe this is what EDG did with his own house rules.

But what if you know the star in advance and want to place a world there? Here's what I've been doing.

For worlds around red dwarfs, if the atm is 4-9, it gets a -3 adjustment. This is my compromise for likelihood of stellar wind and flares stripping down an atmosphere.

And if the remaining atm is still 2-6, half the hydrographics after all other adjustments. This is me treating the hyd score as liquid water and assuming there's ice on the dark side.

So if you roll 666 for the first 3 in the UWP, you'd adjust it to 631 -- there's a -4 penalty for atm 2-3. Half that rounded down is 1.

This technobabbly approach means class M stars get a lot of poor worlds (e.g. Size 6, Atm 3, Hyd 0), which works out just fine for my scheming. Every once in a while you might get that rare special atm 6.

If I rolled a 999 for the first 3, it would be adjusted to 964, a rare habitable tidelocked world.

Or course this means I have to stack the deck for decent worlds around F, G, and K stars. Just a little. Otherwise the sector ends up a bit of a wasteland. And I like a decent number of available atm 4-9 worlds. Adventurers need that vitamin D.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 6:55 pm 
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Very useful rules - thanks for posting! I'll definitely use these.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 3:00 pm 
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I usually build subsectors and include the M type stars and dwarves along with the Ks,Gs and Fs. the habitation for the Ms is either orbital about a planet or in orbit around the primary. If it is on a small planet it has to be pressurized. I have to give some thought about why people even stopped there. Most of the Ms have small populations. This makes for lots of hiding places with few people around.

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