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Matty slowly opened the door to his closet-sized office in the barracks. He carelessly threw his pack onto the floor and collapsed into the chair behind his tiny desk.

*Three days in the field with a bunch of wet-behind the ears recruits could drive a man to drink.*

WIth considerably more energy, Matty opened the bottom drawer of his desk and pulled out a half-filled bottle of single malt and a glass. Filling the glass slowly with the amber liquid, Matty savored the aromas of the alcohol. As he lifted the glass to his lips, there was a knock at the door.

Putting the glass down reluctantly, he said "Enter"

Corporal MacIntosh entered and came to quick attention, lifting his right arm up and snapping a crisp salute, "Sir! Colonel GIvens requests your presense in his office immediately, Sir!"

"On my way Corporal."

The Corporal did a smart about face and exited the office, closing the door behind him.

Looking longingly at the glass on his desk, Matty sighed and carefully poured the contents back into the bottle and replaced it in the drawer.

He looked down at his uniform, picked off a couple of pieces of tree and brushed at a dirt stain on his knee. *Well, he said immediately* he thought to himself and grabbing his cap, headed out the door to the Colonel's office.

The sky was cloudy, as usual, and the temperature was only a few degrees above freezing, as usual, but Matty barely noticed. He loved the cold, biting air.

Less than five minutes later, Matty stood before the Colonel's door. Giving his uniform one more quick look-over, he knocked sharply on the door and when he heard the faint "Enter" he stiffened his spine, opened the door and entered the office of his Regimental Commander with all the military precision he could muster.

"Major Barkley, reporting as ordered, SIR!"

My friends call me Richard. You can call me Sir.

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