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Author:  Brass Jester [ Fri Jun 07, 2013 11:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Faction Turns

The Currents of Space - Interlude One

This was my first attempt at a Faction Turn; I'd like to post it here for comments to make sure I got everything right.

There are four active factions: -
Gateway Station, Syros Council, The Imani Pact and the Trade Worlds Syndicate

Turn One
The four Factions act in this order.

Trade Worlds Syndicate
Gateway Station
Syros Council
The Imani Pact

Trade Worlds Syndicate
Income +5 (5). Uses it's Heavy Drop asset to move Blackmail asset to Naxos (0203). Cost = 1FC. FC balance 4.
No 'P' in the Notes, so Planetary Permission not required

Gateway Station
Income +4 (4). Purchase Local Investments (Wealth 1) for 1 FC. FC balance 3. Asset cannot act in any way this turn.
Established the Gateway Commercial Exchange

Syros Council
Income +4 (4). Move Surveyors Asset to Gateway Station.
A preliminary move to their attempt to Expand Influence. No cost to do this Action

Imani Pact
Income +3 (3). The Guerrilla Populace launch a series of raids across the planet.
Guerrillas: Force 3 + d10 = 13
Security Personnel: Cunning 6 + d10 = 16. Guerrillas take 1d4 = 3 damage (HP now 3).

Ok, this is the one I'm not sure about. The Imani Pact is an insurgent group on Syros. They launched an Attack. The CR page 114 says that the defending asset is chosen by the defender. Syros defended with Security Personnel; due to the high Cunning of the Syros Council the Imani were defeated and hurt as Security Personnel has a counter-attack.
However, it would have better for the Imani to have attacked the Syros Informers Asset, Although the Cunning roll would have still been high, there would have been no counter-attack.

Was I doing this right? The problem is, I can't see any way in which the Imani can do any meaningful damage to Syros, as any attack will always be matched against the Security Forces (no reason not to), and I can't see how they can attack the Security Forces in any other way to cause them damage.

Any advice and comments appreciated

Author:  simonh [ Sat Jun 08, 2013 7:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Faction Turns

Informers are goings to be tricky to pin down and eradicate, so it makes sense they would be hard to target directly. I think the rules are working as intended - the Imani Pact need to buy an assets, expand influence, etc in order to become more effective. They're a insurgency so they need to start acting sneaky. Just because they're itching for a stand up fight doesn't mean they're ready for one.

I take the faction rules as being a nice base system ripe for expansion and modification to suit the needs of a particular game.

Simon Hibbs

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