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PostPosted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 7:58 pm 
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The Tech 4 Mag Rifle does much more damage than a Combat Rifle (i.e. assault rifle) and has a greater range, but is not automatic (cannot Burst Fire), while in game terms Burst Fire is a relatively modest ability (+2 to hit and damage), in-setting automatic fire has significant military advantages. therefore, I'm thinking about Tech 4 forces using Combat Rifles as their main arm, and Mag Rifles as precision sharpshooter/sniper weapons.

What do you think, in military terms?

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I'd say so. When I was in the territorials they taught us that the side that puts down the greatest volume of effective fire usually wins any engagement. Effective fire doesn't necessarily mean hitting, suppressive fire that effectively limits the enemy's ability to manoeuvre or lay down fire themselves is also a major tactical factor. Automatic fire is an important element in that, apart from it's utility in close range engagement. Mag rifles also only carry 10 rounds, which by itself severely limits it's utility in laying down a sufficient volume of fire.

Also note that because in SWN armour affects chance of being hit, not damage taken, Combat Rifles on autofire are substantially better against targets with Tech 4 armour than high powered Mag Rifles are. Go figure.

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