The Currents of Space revisited 2014
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Author:  Brass Jester [ Fri Feb 07, 2014 1:11 am ]
Post subject:  The Currents of Space revisited 2014

After a somewhat prolonged absence, I’ve restarted the Currents of Space solo Game. I was getting bogged down in too much detail (the curse of the sandboxing GM) and also I don’t have as much spare time as I did (grandchildren can be very demanding on time!)

The Game is run using my own card-driven system as the main engine, with some elements of Mythic GME and Rory’s Story Cubes, plus an Excel program that generates mooks.

I have set the Game in the Hydra sector from the CR. A lot of the work has already been done by Kevin to define the sector, plus there is a lot of supporting material in the Mandate Archives.


Issue One: Episode 1: Gateway (0406)3214-001

Achernar is on Gateway. His home world is Polychrome, until recently he was working as an enforcer for Lucid Industries. Now he is out of work and on Gateway, looking for a job.

He had visited Gateway in the past. He checked into a hotel on the Strip and went out into the city of Touchpoint. He noticed a group of Hochog, mercenaries by the looks of them. He passed them by; the Boars were indifferent to his presence, being too busy having a good time. Achernar presumed they had just been paid for a contract.

His next encounter was of a more sinister nature. Three hard-looking humans, wearing black leather and openly carrying sidearms were striding down the street. Achernar’s training as an enforcer kicked in; they had the look of “pirate” about them. He watched them pass by; they ignored him.

“If they encounter the Hochog, things could get interesting”.

Arriving at a club, the “Double Helix”, he decided to go in for a drink and to see what he could find out about what was going on locally. There was a lot of talk about a newly discovered Bunker on an island in the Central Sea. Several salvage teams had tried to enter but had been driven back by the defence systems. Intrigued; he tried to find out more. He got talking to a middle-aged man by the name of Camaxtli Lopez, a mentor at the Perfect Mirror Academy. It transpired that Gateway Station and the sealed-off old Jump Gate are in geosynchronous orbit above the bunker. Lopez gave Achernar a lot of background information about the bunkers and the Jump Gate. He was interest in exploring the bunker to see if it contained any clues to reactivating the Gate. Achernar got the impression that he was doing this himself and that it didn’t have the backing of the Academy.

The following day found Achernar at City Hall, applying for a salvage licence from the Salvage Board. The clerk asked him if he was intending to enter the new bunker, as it was now under government protection. Achernar said no, he was looking at the ones found in the Meran Desert Mountains.

Returning back to his hotel, he found that the door had been forced. The room had been ransacked and some of his kit (spacesuit, powercells, Lazarus patches etc.) had gone. He reported it to the police, but they didn’t seem too interested. Their attitude was, “well, if you stay in a cheap hotel, what do you expect.”

The next few days were uneventful; his salvage licence came through. He arranged to meet Lopez in a restaurant in the city centre. He waited for two hours, but Lopez did not show up. Calls to his phone just got a standard answer message. A call to the Academy gained “Dr Lopez is on extended leave. We have no confirmed date for his return.”

End of Episode 1

Summary: Someone believes that Achernar and Lopez are intending to explore the bunker in the Central Sea. The room was searched, and then made to look like it was a simple burglary. Now Lopez is missing.

Author:  Brass Jester [ Wed Apr 02, 2014 11:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Currents of Space revisited 2014

Episode 2:
Since the events of the last episode I have acquired Sine Nomine’s excellent Stellar Heroes and Scarlet Heroes. I am now running this Game using the Stellar Hero rules and the solo rules from Scarlet Heroes (there isn’t a lot of modification needed, most of the tables can be used as read), as well as using Mythic and the Story Cubes.

Set-up: I set the Threat Level to 1 and the VP level to 10. The scenario is obviously –

A Target has been kidnapped by an Antagonist and is in need of rescue.

The Target is Lopez, at this time I don’t know who the Antagonist is.

Achernar travelled to the Perfect Mirror Academy, which is on an island in the Great Western Lake. He found three men searching Lopez’s office and called a challenge. The leader unslung his laser rifle and instructed his men to keep searching “for it”. Achernar rolled for cover, firing off a barrage of shots as he did so. Both of the thugs went down but the leader ducked behind the desk and they traded shots. The man was a good shot, as Achernar raised his gun to return fire, a laser bolt blasted through the desk top behind which he was hiding. It was only some “sixth sense” and his training as a soldier than allowed him to dive out of the way at the last moment.
His luck didn’t hold, the next shot took him in the shoulder. Gritting his teeth, Achernar fired again at his opponent, again the man rolled out of the way. His return bolt grazed Achernar in the side.

“This guy is good”, thought Achernar desperately. “I need to take him now”. He lined up the shot and squeezed the trigger; the laser bolt struck home and blasted the thug in the upper chest.

Achernar took time to look to his wounds, they were not too deep. He treated the superficial burns and decided not to use his Lazarus patch. The thugs had little to identify them; he took the laser rifle and two spare powercells. Searching through what they had taken, he found a collection of notes about the Academy. It appears that there are two rival groups involved in a power struggle for the leadership; the Fundamentalists and the Radicals. It was not clear from the notes which side, if any, Lopez was in favour of.

Achernar has gained a Clue and also 1 Victory Point. A roll of 5 means that the Antagonist does not receive a VP.

Chaos = -1 to 5 (I’m still tracking Chaos; also I’m using the Pressure Cooker variant (Chaos increases if there is no combat in the scene)). I used Mythic Event Tables to generate the seed for the Clue.

GM notes: Scarlet/Stellar Heroes is working ok so far. I’m thinking about simplifying Combat Maps; perhaps having a set of Range Bands like the original Classic Traveller did.

Author:  Golan2072 [ Thu Apr 03, 2014 7:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Currents of Space revisited 2014

Looks lovely! Can you please post the table system for solo gaming so that I can do something similar in Alkonost?

Author:  Brass Jester [ Thu Apr 03, 2014 8:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Currents of Space revisited 2014

I can let you have my part of the system (the card draw tables). Unfortunately it won't post very well on the forum (it will post all out of line). I can PM it to you for inclusion in Infinite Stars.

Stellar Heroes is free as one of the Mandate Archive downloads from Sine Nomine
Scarlet Heroes is also from Sine Nomine and is available from DriveThru RPG. It's not expensive and is well worth it.

Mythic GME and Rory's Story Cubes are available on line and are also well worth getting. I use three Story Cubes at a time to determine an NPC's personality.

Author:  Brass Jester [ Sun Apr 27, 2014 12:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Currents of Space revisited 2014

Achernar took a hotel room and examined the information he’d recovered from Lopez’s office. There apparently was a power struggle going on between the Fundamentalists and the Radicals within the Academy. This meant nothing to him, other than that Lopez worked for the Academy.

Some research via the terminal in his room turned up some information about the Academy – The Perfect Mirror Academy was founded 36 years ago by Emilio Salazar, a refugee from the Temple of the Clear Sky on Tecalco. It follows strictly orthodox methods of training emergent psychics to protect them from MES.
He looked to see if Lopez had an entry: - he did, under the Department of Psych Archaeological Studies. The duties of the Department were not very clear; it seemed to deal with the history of psychics on Gateway.

This is interesting. According to the official records, Lopez had five staff working for him at one time. They were all transferred to other Departments and the DPAS was closed down two years ago, yet Lopez is still listed as working for the DPAS.

Achernar showered and dressed for dinner, then went down to the restaurant, ordering a fish selection and a bottle of wine from the Pilonio region.

“I need some more information”, he thought to himself.

GM: I’ve simplified the combat system to suit solo play a little better. Next scenario should see how it plays out.

Author:  Brass Jester [ Mon Apr 28, 2014 1:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Currents of Space revisited 2014

Episode 3:
A lot of the DPAS files made reference to a hospital facility operated by the Academy called the Quintas Sanatorium, around 4600km to the west, overlooking the Long Sea. There was a com number listed but when Achernar called it; a recorded message stated that the number was no longer in use. He rented an atmoflyer (a tilt-fan rotor craft that seats four). He was not a skilled pilot but the flyers are easy to fly from A to B with the assistance of the on-board nav computer. The flight will take about four hours.

Overflying the sanatorium, it appeared deserted and run-down. He landed in what used to be the gardens and headed towards the main entrance. The doors stood ajar, one hanging from its hinges.

“This place hasn’t been used for years”, thought Achernar to himself. “Why is it still showing as an active facility for DPAS?”

He ventured further inside, looking for an office area or somewhere where files or records might have been stored. It soon became obvious that the place had been stripped clean. Exploring the upper floors he found several lockable padded cells. There was little evidence of rehabilitation facilities. One heavy steel door was locked and he could find no way of opening it.

Returning to the ground floor, he heard a noise, like someone moving and trying to keep quiet. It came from a set of steps leading down to a basement. Achernar drew his laser pistol and moved to investigate. The sound came again, from down in the basement. He fired a low intensity illumination shot; the steps led down to a basement room with some machinery in it. He still saw nothing, so he went down. The sound came again, from by the machinery (a central heating system). Achernar moved forward to investigate; the ground gave way beneath his feet and despite his best efforts to save himself, he fell into a sub-basement, cracking his leg as he landed.

From above came a familiar voice and a figure loomed over the hole. It was Kosnin, the man he thought he had killed in Lopez’s office.

“You have interfered for the last time”.

So saying, Kosnin dropped a grenade into the hole.

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