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The published materials don't say, or else I just can't find it, but I get the impression that most of the inhabited worlds in 2300 were all settled pretty much at once, that there wasn't a delay of decades in between the settlement of each new world on an arm.

Thoughts about that? How much of a supply line does a colony world need, in terms of outposts and stations along the way? Seems like the larger ships with fusion reactors don't need much support at all. Kind of the opposite of Traveller where traders with fuel scoops and processors can more easily reach the backwater worlds.

If I were to take EDG's modified near star list and populate it from scratch for my own personal setting, what would influence the boundaries of colonization and settlement? Travel time would probably play into it, I would think.

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There's a settlement lag in the Arms. If you look at the dates that colonies are established they're not established at the same time. However, they are constrained by population and economics; less-wealth nations can only establish a single colony at a time. Others (France) are able to build up multiple colonies at the same time.

Alpha Centauri was the first world colonized, that's why its considered a Core world. Several colonies on Alpha Centauri are independent as a result of the GDW development model. GDW's writers took a very conventional view towards colonies based on (American) history. Colonies are established, they grow and develop, then they demand independence.

If you look at the Colinverse of extended 2300, there's all kinds of colonies running off as independent.

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