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Beyond The Frontier

It is the year 1323 Imperial, the Golden Age lies two hundred years in the past, two hundred years as well since the first wave of colonists; refugees from the shattered Imperium, began to settle in the Spinward Hinters and beyond The Frontier. From the time of the rebellion to the coming of the virus, other waves of colonist have come, the Solomani fleeing the doom that came to all charted space, and the Zhodani fleeing their Consulate sundered upon the Empress Wave and the assault of The Black Ships. The same Black Ships on the horizon, now menacing the New Frontier…

On Banderhue (Ban-Der-Way), a T-Prime world in Banderhue subsector, Theta Borealis sector; a University of Terrelay Research and Exploration Expedition is forming; searching for a way to save their Republic and new allies to aid them. Citizens of all walks of life have assembled to journey with the Expedition, pooling their skills for success, many looking for adventure of the unknown. It is well, for adventure abounds in the worlds Beyond The Frontier. ... e-frontier

This is a play by post game using the Classic Traveller rules system.

A few pertinant facts are: I am 44, so it will be more of a mature game (though younger players are welcome), not hack and slash and I will probably put a time limit on posts for action, such as a few days or a week, so as to not keep everyone waiting. Other than that, just about any character type would be interesting, barring only two, no K'kree or Hiver.

You can contact me at:

King13cuda (at) yahoo dot com

or sign up at obsidian portal and send me a message.


Beyond The Frontier - a Classic Traveller campaign
We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust.

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